Amazing Aa Gym Calls Ninih Tea Down to Machine, Komnas Perempuan Alludes to Psychic Violence


Household trouble Aa Gym and Teh Ninih is getting worse, Mother. The owner’s full name, Abdullah Gymnastiar, was publicly criticized for calling his wife “down the engine” seven times.

Previously, the son of Aa Gym disclosed the treatment of the famous ustaz towards Teh Ninih. Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali said his father had wronged his mother.

Aa Gym then opened its voice and denied the allegations. The recording allegedly spoken by Aa Gym went viral. In the recording, he mentions Ninih Tea already seven times ‘down the machine’ alias gave birth.

“(Teh Ninih) this is my wife who has been with me for 19 years, has ‘down the machine’ seven times. He he he,” said Aa Gym, in a recording uploaded by a gossip account. Instagram @mak_inpoh.

The statement immediately drew reactions from netizens. Many women feel offended by the phrase ‘get off the machine’. They considered it inappropriate for women who had given birth to be tied up with this term.

According to the Head of Komnas Perempuan Andy Yentriyani, it is very inappropriate to use the term ‘down the machine’ to describe the feeling of love for a wife or partner.

This method is also inappropriate to use to glorify the reproductive role of women because they have given birth. Because, when ‘down the machine’ is attached to a woman who has given birth, the term is pejorative, aka demeaning or ridicule.

“This term is attached to a sexist perspective, which is degrading based on gender. Also, a perspective that places women as sex objects, including images of virginity and elasticity of female genitalia, which are associated with male satisfaction during sexual intercourse,” said Andy Yentriyani to HaiBunda, Wednesday (9/6/2021).

The use of ridicule and or cursing is part of psychological violence and potentially face criminal penalties. This is stated in the Law on the Elimination of Domestic Violence (UU PKDRT, No. 23 of 2004). See on the next page, Mother.

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