Amazing Features Of SOAX Proxy

When you think of a proxy server for Germany that gives you the best of services, SOAX comes to mind. It offers one of the best German residential proxies. Since it has a flexible rotation option, it fits Facebook account creation and management.

Overview Of Soax Features

When you are looking for a mobile proxy service you can use for Facebook, Soax is one you can bet on. Their proxy pool is clean and goes through regular checks to remove bad IPs. You can easily access the web from Soax proxy without being blocked. Soax has a large mobile proxy pool spanning over 3.5 thousand IP addresses gotten from different locations across the globe through Peer to Peer Networks.

Soax allows you to use a proxy from specific countries, States, cities, and also mobile carriers since these are its target options. Above all, Soax offers affordable proxies.

Other Features Of Soax Proxies

Soax Features can be further classified under three key focuses which include Proxies, Functionality, and administration. Here are a few highlights on these areas.


SOAX has two different categories of proxies. They are:

  • static Proxies: they provide static proxies to establish permanent ownership of IPs across the globe;
  • mobile Proxies: they provide proxy servers that offer 4G and 5G mobile network IP addresses.

These two categories capture all the services you need from a proxy server.


Based on functionality, Soax proxy covers these areas:

  • proxy rotation: this makes it possible for admins to rotate proxies automatically for maximum performance and geo-restriction and/or sponsor web scraping;
  • server locations: wide range of IP options are made available for use on a proxy server across different locations;
  • traffic limit: since a high amount of bandwidth is provided, there are few limits on the use of proxies and other networks;
  • data collection: since it is possible to collect data from different accounts regardless of number, it is possible to cross-reference and build context to tally with intelligence.

These functions capture details of different functions a good proxy server should provide.


Based on the administration, Soax features span these areas:

  • proxy management: with a single management dashboard, proxy control and visibility are centralized;
  • proxy routing: since traffic is a thing in the use of proxies, Soax proxies move traffic request based on configurations to boost performance and bypass bottlenecks using proxy networks;
  • dashboards and reporting: the dashboards to dashboards are centralized and can be easily customized to supervise usage and performance and equally show KPIs and statistics.

These features make it easy for records to be kept and referenced when there is a need.


Soax proxy offers the best proxy services in the two major proxy categories and at the same time, the functionality and administration are top-notch. At the same time, Soax has an affordable pricing structure for different uses. In need of a Facebook Proxy Server in the USA? Soax is a solution you can trust for real.

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