Amazing! ‘Legislators argue legalizing marijuana for peace and security’: Lawyer

Los Mochis, Sin.- It is amazing that federal legislators argue that legalize marijuana It is to promote peace and security of society when that is the opposite of the consumption of this drug, and for this reason they should not approve this law on the go, said Osvaldo Acosta, a lawyer at the UAS law firm in Los Mochis.

“It amazes me that this law is promoted or within its objectives it says that it is to promote peace and security in society, reduce violence, etc., things that we know are contrary to the consumption of this drug”

At the same time, the litigant Carlos Patiño, a member of the Los Mochis Bar Association, said that the amount of 28 grams of marijuana that the senators intend to legalize for their possession is excessive, because it includes up to 200 grams with a special permit, among other aspects that make this initiative very permissive, even when it is necessary to decriminalize the regulation of recreational use of marijuana.

“An excessive amount of marijuana is made 28 grams to me, many people who do not know the subject will say that it is fine that they carry 28 grams of marijuana, however, 28 grams implies 20 to 26 marijuana cigarettes, it can be up to 28” .

He added that this law has not yet been approved, so it is very important to socialize it before authorizing such a disproportionate regularization as the one that the Senate of the Republic wants to do.


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