Amazing photos of the Tour de France over the years

This year marks the 108th edition of the Tour de France, which has a rich history and is followed from all over the world. Every year, some memorable moments come up, but this time it’s due to something less positive.

An unidentified bystander holding a sign to take a picture caused German cyclist Tony Martin to crash at high speed on June 26. Immediately afterwards, a large number of cyclists staged a massive crash. Dozens of bicycles and cyclists were piled up and some were injured.

A French police spokesman told NBC News that they are still looking for the viewer, who was videotaped wearing a yellow jacket, leaning over the road and smiling while posing with a sign that read “Allez Opi-Omi” (“Come on, grandpa -grandmother “, mixing French and German). He left the chaotic scene before the investigators arrived.

Click through the gallery to go back and marvel at some of the most incredible photos in Tour de France history.

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