Amazon: big unboxing of new devices and robot

Let’s start with the most captivating devices presented online today by the giant Amazon.

While not entirely new, the Ring Always Home camera drone is enjoying its first commercial use today, for $ 250 USD, which will ship later this year to the United States for now (all prices are rounded).

Ring Always Home Video Surveillance Drone


Ring Always Home Video Surveillance Drone

The camera drone solves the problem of having multiple cameras to monitor one’s property. The flying device can therefore only fly over predetermined areas and be connected to a home security system.

It suffices to move it manually a first time to indicate the places to watch. Subsequently, its camera records only when the drone is in flight. When not in use, the machine remains in its charging base which closes its objective.

Amazon Glow

Although it is not yet available in our market, the American e-commerce giant today announced its device called Glow, a new interactive video calling device that is transforming the way children connect with their children. loved ones at a distance by participating in activities together.

The interactive screen with Amazon Glow surface projector


The interactive screen with Amazon Glow surface projector

During video calls on Glow, kids see distant loved ones on a dedicated 8 ” screen while reading stories, playing games and creating artwork on a 19 ” tactile projected space on any surface , like a table.

Robot Astro

For several years, Amazon has been working on this robot called Astro and predicts that within five to ten years, consumers will depend on robots in their homes.

Astro is designed “to help customers with a variety of tasks such as watching the home and maintaining contact with family. It brings together the latest advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor technology, voice computing and peripheral computing in a package designed to be useful and practical, ”the statement read.

While you’re away, it can monitor your home, move around independently, navigate to check specific areas, show you a live view of rooms through the Astro app, or even send alerts. To see in height, its camera is mounted on a periscope.

Astro's camera mounted on a periscope


Astro’s camera mounted on a periscope

With it, it will be possible to remotely watch over your loved ones, such as the elderly, and talk to them on video using Alexa Together, a new communication and direct help service.

Of course, Astro can connect to Amazon’s home monitoring service, Ring, and deliver Alexa services.

Echo Show 15

L’Echo Show 15 is a connected 15.6 ” smart display that uses the Alexa home interface to support its home users.

This assistant screen can be installed on a wall or placed on a counter, in portrait or landscape orientation, is managed by a new generation AZ2 Neural Edge processor, has a redesigned home screen offering more personalized options and new features to take advantage of Alexa services.

The Echo Show smart screen 15


The smart screen Echo Show 15

For privacy, the device has microphone and camera controls, allows you to view and delete your voice recordings, and offers a built-in bezel to cover the lens.

Of all the products presented today, this is the only device available in the country, price: $ 330 CAD.

Gamo Halo

Three new additions to the Halo family: Halo View, a new biometric tracking watch with an AMOLED color display for quick access to health metrics; Halo Fitness, a new service with hundreds of studio-quality training classes; and Halo Nutrition, a new experience to help build healthy eating habits. Halo View comes with a full year Halo subscription for US $ 80.

One of the Halo watches with the Halo mobile app


One of the Halo watches with the Halo mobile app

The other announcements made by Amazon today can be seen on the video here.

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