Amazon changes its icon to no longer look like… Hitler


A delivery box and blue tape… it didn’t take more to shock the canvas.

It’s a detail that makes all the difference. Amazon was forced to change the icon of its new app because of its disturbing resemblance to Adolf Hitler. The logo depicted a delivery package with blue tape, seen from the side. Only the edge of the tape was cut into wavelets. With the Amazon smiley underneath, the blue ribbon was mostly reminiscent of the iconic mustache worn by Charlie Chaplin, or Adolf Hitler. A resemblance that has obviously not gone unnoticed on Twitter.

“Ahah I hadn’t seen that Amazon had quietly changed its new icon to look… less like Hitler. “

“My parents use Amazon almost every day. They are going to be lost for the next few days. When they ask where Amazon has gone, I will tell them to look for the Hitler box… ”

“It’s not just ripped tape, it’s ripped tape that has a similar shape and sits right above a smiling mouth. It looks like a happy little cardboard Adolf to me. “

Amazon’s app used to look like a shopping cart. The company wanted to change its icon for a delivery package in order to “Spark anticipation, excitement and joy when customers start shopping on their phones, just like they do when they see our boxes on their doorstep”. Following this little controversy, Amazon has again changed its icon to an adhesive tape whose corner is bent.

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