Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K player heavily discounted for Cyber ​​Monday

This is an accessory that has small dimensions that, on the one hand, allow it to be an excellent option to carry it from one place to another there are many problems (it only weighs 54 grams). On the other, this makes it possible to use it connected to a port HDMI, which is the one you use, do not pose an added difficulty when using it on the chosen screen, since there is no impediment due to the position of the television. By the way, to use this device it is necessary to use a power cord.

With a similar appearance to that of USB storage pen drives, which ensures easy handling, this player does not lack a remote control that allows you to navigate through the menus offered by its user interface (which is simple because it appears to the one offered by commonly used platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video). In what has to do with the operating system, this is based on Android, which allows the installation of a large number of applications, and ensures compatibility with everything that may be needed.

Image quality of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

It is one of the best that offer accessories of this type, since it reaches resolution 4K (which allows perfect use with the most advanced Smart TVs) and, in addition, it does not lack to reach 60 FPS: Therefore, everything is seen perfectly. Even the contents such as movies and series are used to the maximum, since this device is compatible with HDR10 + and HLG. Therefore, the user experience that you are going to have is really good due to, among other things, that the colors are displayed with great depth and precision.

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The sound is also perfectly resolved, since the one offered by this Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is compatible with 5.1 if you have the right system at home through the use of the HDMI port. Besides, it does not lack support for advanced options such as Dolby Atmos.

Contents compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

A good deal for this player

Right now it is possible to take advantage of a 33% discount compared to the price that this product usually has, which means that you only have to pay at Amazon 39.99 euros to have it at home. A real bargain for the quality it offers as you don’t have to pay anything for shipping costs if you have one Prime account. Compatible with Alexa, since The remote control includes a microphone, which allows the management of accessories in a simple way, we leave the purchase link so that you do not miss this possibility that is active today.

A couple of final details that have to be known about this model is that the connectivity it has is Bluetooth, allowing the use of accessories for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Y WiFi. The latter is the one that provides access to the Internet. As for the hardware, this model has a quad-core processor so that everything works perfectly and 8 GB storage, so many applications can be installed inside.

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