Amazon France and major retailers agree to postpone “Black Friday” … but the promotions may well take place as planned

All that for this? Amazon is ready to postpone the promotional operation of “Black Friday” by one week in France, as requested by the government, provided that shops can reopen more quickly, said Thursday the boss of the French subsidiary of the retail giant online.

“We have decided to postpone the date of ‘Black Friday’ if this allows businesses and physical stores to reopen before December 1,” said on TF1 the general manager of Amazon France, Frédéric Duval. This promotional operation, initially scheduled for November 27, will finally take place on December 4, he said.

Several distributors, including Amazon, say they are in favor of this postponement on condition that this delay allows businesses to reopen earlier when they have been forced to close shop since October 30 due to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic . A meeting must take place in Bercy, this Friday, to confirm this gap.

The logistical puzzle

If this is a first step, this declaration of intent actually looks like a puzzle. Pfirst flaw: the e-commerce sites and physical stores concerned will have to eliminate the products in promotions marked “Black Friday”. The trouble is that offers at discounted prices have already been launched: this is the case for Conforama, which has been offering discounts of up to 50% for three days … The same for Gifi or Carrefour who have already sent their catalogs and brochures.

It will therefore also be necessary to relabel everything, store the merchandise that should be sold next week, and this will inevitably lead to major logistical difficulties for some brands. all stores can reopen next weekend. Bruno Le Maire pushes in this direction, Michel-Edouard Leclerc even specified that the date of Saturday had been proposed. But the final decision will be up to Emmanuel Macron.

Buy … abroad?

But … that’s forgetting that e-commerce is global: Black Friday will take place as planned on the Internet. Thus, si Bruno Le Maire congratulated the representatives of large-scale distribution for their sense of responsibility, but not everything is settled.

This report is “illusory”, regrets in particular the president of the Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises, who fears that the French will refer to foreign sites to benefit from promotions. Because, foreign sites are not obliged to postpone the operation. And it is impossible for the government to impose anything on them.

This means that sites like the British Marks & Spencer, the Chinese Wish or even the European Amazon platforms in Germany or Belgium are not affected by this report. Whatever happens, there will be a “Black Friday” on November 27th.

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