Amazon initiates request for the construction of a “datacenter” in Puente Alto | Economy

The Amazon project in Chile, specifically in the Puente Alto commune, would be valued at a price close to US$205 million and includes two buildings to dispose of electronic and technological equipment.

This Wednesday, Amazon reported that it began the process to obtain the environmental permit for the construction in Chile of the “Data Storage Center” in High Bridge for $205 million.

Is about Amazon Web Services (AWS), a unit of Inc, which expects to maintain sustained growth in Chile and the rest of Latin America.

The foregoing, in the coming years and “despite the political turbulence that usually marks the region”, said to Reuters a top executive.

After having set Edge locations -secure connection to access the global AWS network-, last year the firm announced the installation from 2022 of 30 new “AWS Local Zones”, as found by the Financial Journal.

Amazon seeks to settle in Puente Alto

These constructions contemplate infrastructure, storage and database services, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.

“In the future we plan to invest more and expand our physical presence in Chile. This, to the extent that customers demand it and need it to meet their needs”, said the vice president for America, Latin Jaime Valles.

On the other hand, it was detailed that the Amazon facility in Chile includes two buildings in Puente Alto to dispose of electronic and technological equipment.

To this is added hosting servers and storing data, with air conditioning and cooling systems with low water consumption. All this with a electrical substation in an area of ​​17.5 hectares.

Amazon offers from storage, databases, robotics, artificial intelligence, internet and virtual reality, among more than 200 services.

“In particular, in Latin America we are working very closely with retail and banking companies,” he explained.

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