Amazon launches online pharmacy in the US

It has long been clear that Amazon is targeting the huge US pharmaceutical market. The group had been preparing to enter the market for years and took over the online pharmacy Pillpack in 2018. Jeff Bezos’ company paid 750 million dollars for it. In addition, Amazon had secured more government licenses for shipping medical prescriptions in the United States in the past two years.

The entry into the massive US market comes at a cleverly chosen time; the corona pandemic has given online retailers a strong boost worldwide. Because now more and more people are ordering from home in order to avoid contacts and the risk of infection in shops. After books and toilet paper, the pharmaceutical market could also benefit more from this in the future. According to the market researcher JD Power, the acceptance of online orders for medicines is still low. However, the German market could also be of particular interest to Amazon: As a survey by the market research institute YouGov showed exclusively for WirtschaftsWoche, there are Germans Amazon customers are particularly open to online information about medicines.

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