Amazon showed what its autonomous taxis will be like

For it, Amazon acquired this year the Zoox company, which for the last 6 years designed the new electric taxi capable of traveling at a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

The company announced its new creation as a product designed to operate in “dense and complicated urban environments, with more than 100 new safety innovations that do not exist in conventional vehicles ”.

“The architecture of its sensors combines cameras, radar and Lidar [sistema de detección láser] to obtain a field of vision of 270 degrees in the four corners of the vehicle, eliminating the typical blind spots and allowing it to detect nearby objects such as pedestrians, cyclists and other road users “, highlights Amazon.

Another of its most notable characteristics is that lacks a front part, so it can be moved seamlessly in both directions, forward or backward, without the need for maneuvers to turn ‘in U’.

Gizmodo added that the new taxi it will be about 3.5 meters long and a capacity of 4 passengers, without the need or space for a driver. In addition, it indicates that it would have autonomy of about 16 hours in urban areas.

This is what the new Zoox taxis from Amazon look like:


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