Amazon wants to do without bpost for deliveries

Jeff Bezos’ company began to use its own network of contractors.

You may have already noticed, for several weeks now, Amazon deliveries are no longer made in Belgium only with bpost. Amazon has indeed started to set up its own courier network. Bad news for bpost, for whom one in five parcels in Brussels and Wallonia comes from Amazon.

« Of course, it is an important customer, but we remain partners», Tempers Laura Cerrada-Crespo, spokesperson for bpost interviewed by Sudpresse. She adds that Amazon plans to expand this initiative: “It is Amazon’s desire to create its network and not only in Belgium, but in many countries. ».

At this time, Amazon does not directly employ staff to make these deliveries. The e-commerce site uses only local subcontractors.

The specialist magazine Gondola explains that one of the main risks for bpost would be that Amazon densifies its network of couriers in the most populated areas. These are indeed the most profitable areas for the company, since it is easier to deliver a large number of parcels there in a short period of time. Such generalization would force bpost to have to mainly manage parcels for remote areas, which would generate more costs.

Faced with this growing threat, bpost prefers to remain optimistic: “The fact that the company decides to have part of its parcels delivered by other couriers motivates us to offer an even better service. »,

Laura Cerrada-Crespo also recalls that bpost still has important collaborations with large customers, such as Zalendo, for example. Bpost thus notes a clear increase in the volume of Zalendo parcels delivered by the company. From 190,000 parcels delivered per day in 2017, in 2020 it distributed approximately 537,000 per day. The days of bpost therefore do not seem threatened by this separation.

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