“Amber Heard” is compelled to settle the defamation case against “Johnny Depp”, but reiterates that he is not guilty.

A former lover who used to cast a spell of sweetness become a villain between “Johnny Depp” (John Depp) The talented actor who played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and “Amber Heard” the heroine of the movie Aquaman after the couple got divorced before “Johnny Depp” will sue on charges defame As a result of December 2018 “Amber Heard” Wrote an article in a Washington newspaper about the fight against sexual violence and the emergence of #Metoo. “Johnny Depp” Come out and fight to confirm the facts.

Later, in April 2022, both parties submitted evidence. Going to court for more than 6 weeks until finally the court announced that “Johnny Depp” won the case and “Amber Heard” had to pay damages of about 521 million baht, divided into claims for more than 360 million baht, but “Johnny Depp” had to pay over 70 million baht because another part of the verdict believed “Amber Heard” framed later “Amber Heard” Has stood an objection before, on December 19, 2022, moving through a personal Instagram

“Amber Heard” moving through personal instagram Specify a comprehensible message that “She contemplated hard. and decided to Complaint for defamation Because she lost faith in the US judicial system. which made her testimony worthless. and became a talk on social media instead

However, this compromise not surrender and also confirmed that What she said was simultaneously true. She has revoked her appeal against the jury’s order that ordered her to pay $10 million in compensatory damages. after being defeated in a defamation lawsuit in early June for the reason that Going to court again is not worth it.”

"Amber Heard"

If you go back to before love scene “Johnny Depp” and “Amber Heard” A couple of different ages over 23 years old, starting from acting together in a movie in the story The Rum Diary In 2009, but at that time, each side had a sweetheart. Before the end of 2011, both were single. and during the promotion of the movie so make them closer before falling in love and began dating

The Rum Diary

Later, in 2012, both of them moved to the same house. before engagement And held a small wedding in 2014, but love was not sweet in 2016. “Amber Heard” can file for divorce Claims to be verbally abused and physically abused because he behaves drug use and addicted to alcohol also called for alimony which the side of “Johnny Depp” Let’s end the problem in 2017, officially announcing a divorce. but not failing to be affected both in terms of work and being alluded to Until the origin of the aforementioned lawsuit

"Amber Heard" - "Johnny Depp"

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