Amber Heard surprised everyone after losing her case: I still love Johnny Depp

The actress was surprised Amber Heard Her followers recently, after she made a shocking statement from the point of view of many, when she confirmed as soon as she was asked about Johnny Depp She still loves him, during an episode hosted on the channel NBCwhich is the statement transmitted by foreign websites.

Among those sites is the Daily Mail, which confirmed that Amber Heard surprised the announcer herself by mentioning the name Johnny Depp, when she said that she still loved him, and loved him from the bottom of her heart, and did everything to make their relationship successful, and not to reach what she had reached.

Amber Heard in her statement about Johnny Depp

The actress was denied Amber Heard The news that confirmed the deletion of her scenes from the second part of the movie Aquaman Her representative described the news to Fox News as crazy rumors, saying: “The rumors continue as they are since the first day – inaccurate – and a little crazy, the company did not inform her of any of that, and her scenes in the movie, which is shown in 2023, are as they are.”

Amber Heard in her last interview
Amber Heard in her last interview

As previously, actor Robert Downey was keen to celebrate his friend’s victory Johnny Depp With his latest case against Amber Heard, in the defamation case he recently won, according to the Daily Mail report, which was mentioned by Josh Richman, a close friend of Depp, during a charitable celebration at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

The report indicated that there was a long phone call between Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, in which the latter celebrated his friend’s sweeping victory, and he was rehabilitated after a series of allegations he faced by Heard throughout the last period, which affected his reputation.

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