AMD introduced the Radeon RX 6700 XT, what is its performance?

The Radeon RX 6700 XT is based on the Navi 22 XT chip, which is equipped with the same number of 40 CU units (2560 Stream processors) as the Navi 10, but this is already the RDNA 2 generation with significant improvements. The card was officially introduced today, and will be launched on March 17 at 15:00 our time, and it is rumored that stocks should be larger than in the case of the initial batch of cards with Navi 21. However, this will certainly more than offset the huge demand from players and especially miners and the big question is whether any pieces will ever enter our market as separately sold goods. These are our dealers and their branded computers, which, as in the case of the first RTX 3060, could take precedence.

We have a card equipped with 12 GB of GDDR6 memory with 40 CUs in a GPU at 2424 MHz (Game Clock), which will be helped by 96 MB of Infinity Cache, while the TBP is 230 W. This is exactly in line with the information that has recently spread about the RX 6700 XT. But what about performance?

AMD speaks of this card as 1440p gaming hardware, with the first benchmarks more for those who still have one of the older cards from the competition on their computer. Above all, AMD announces that the RX 6700 XT can handle modern games in 1440p with an average framerate of over 60 FPS and in high quality.

But what about the competition? Not surprisingly, AMD is building its new card primarily against the RTX 3070, as the newest Radeon RX 6800 from the new generation is $ 80 more expensive than the 3070 (or it could be, but that’s a different song). We’ll see what independent benchmarks do.

According to AMD, the card will be available from March 18, for a suggested retail price of $ 479, which is $ 100 cheaper than the RX 6800 and $ 20 cheaper than the RTX 3070, although this information is essentially irrelevant today.

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