AMD promises that map on Big Navi will make a splash in games on 4K – Gambling

Company AMD with might and main preparing for the announcement Big navi – The new GPU, which should equalize the rates in the confrontation between the “red” and “green”. It will be based on the RDNA2 architecture and will receive hardware support for ray tracing.

However, the company’s ambitions extend further. According to the representative of AMD marketing service Mithun Chandraseker, the output of such a card could destroy the monopoly Nvidiainflicting the same blow to her as the processors Ryzen inflicted company Intel.

In other words, the chip maker is going to “fight” with the market leader for discrete graphics, because Big Navi will allow you to create truly top-end video cards. Chandraseker noted that accelerators Radeon RX 5xxx 90% cover the requests of gamers when playing at a resolution of 1440p and 1080p. It seems that the “big Navi” should do the same, but for 4K.

One can only guess how powerful such a card will be and how the confrontation will develop. Indeed, NVIDIA, unlike Intel, has no problems with the development of 7-nanometer boundaries and market retention.

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