AMD RX 6800 XT surprises beating the RTX 3090 in AotS

Graphics cards RX 6800 Y RX 6800 XT They are due to launch in a matter of days, but some very promising performance results are coming out that put the XT model above Nvidia’s flagship, the RTX 3090.

AMD RX 6800 XT surprises by beating RTX 3090 in AotS

RX 6800 xt

Graphics card Radeon RX 6800 XT of AMD was seen in the video game database Ashes of the Singularity which is commonly used as a benchmark tool for graphics cards.

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Results shared by Ashes of the Singularity show the RX 6800 XT scores 9200 points, beating the RTX 3090 and RTX 3080. However, we see that the video game behaves erratically, because even the RTX 3080 outperforms the 3090 in this test, which would not make much sense. The first results are with the game set to 4K.

RX 6800 xtRX 6800 xt

When we lower the resolution to 1080p, the results seem to make more sense. The RTX 3090 scores 10,400 points, while the RX 6800XT scores 10,100 points using the same Core i7-8700K CPU. This puts AMD’s GPU on par with Nvidia’s flagship.

RX 6800 xtRX 6800 xt

If these results are replicated in video games, we could see a RX 6800 XT with a performance on par or higher than a RTX 3090 from Nvidia, which is much more expensive.


  • GPU: Navi 21 XT at 7 nm
  • Stream Processors: 72 CUs activas con 4.608 SP
  • Clock speed: GPU at 2,015 MHz-2,250 MHz, normal and turbo mode
  • Bus de memoria: 256 bits
  • Memory capacity: 16GB GDDR6 memory and 128MB cache
  • TBP: 300 W

We will soon know how this AMD Radeon graphics card really performs. We will keep you informed.

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