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America again?Russian military suspected of being attacked by AGM-88 anti-radiation missile – International – Free Times Newsletter

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America again? Russian army suspected of being attacked by AGM-88 anti-radiation missile. (Retrieved from Twitter, taken from Raytheon’s official website, and synthesized by this newspaper.)

2022/08/08 18:56

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]The Ukrainian military news website “MIL.IN.UA” reported on the 7th that an American-made AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile (AGM-88 High-speed anti-radiation missile) was recently found in an air defense position of the Russian army. Radiation Missile, HARM) wreckage, showing that the Ukrainian army may have begun to use US-aided anti-radiation weapons on the battlefield.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov recently revealed that Ukraine will receive an anti-radiation missile to use against Russian radars, which is not in the list of new US military aid of 270 million US dollars.

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“MIL.IN.UA” reported that a number of photos of the wreckage of anti-radiation missiles taken at Russian military positions appeared on social networking sites. One of them can see the weapon serial number. Compared with the previous photos of the US military, it can be determined to be AGM-88 Anti-radiation missiles.

Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) is a missile specially designed to deal with the source of electromagnetic signal emission, including radar and communication equipment will emit electromagnetic waves, so not only radar, as long as the radiation source is in the database, it can be tracked and attacked.

Its working principle is that the homing head of the missile will search for a specific electromagnetic signal source in the missile database, and identify and lock the signal from a large number of interference signals, and use this signal as a guide, and finally let the missile hit Target.

The AGM-88 anti-radiation missile is a type of air-to-surface anti-radiation missile developed by the U.S. Navy and Air Force. This type of missile has a variety of models, from AGM-88A to AGM-88G, and can be mounted on combat aircraft such as F-4E, F-15, F-16, F-18, EF-111, B-52, etc.

It is rumored that the Russian air defense positions were attacked by AGM-88 anti-radiation missiles. The picture shows the extended range of the US AGM-88G advanced anti-radiation missile. (taken from Raytheon’s official website)

The words “BSU-60 A/B” can be seen on the wreckage of the missile. (retrieved from twitter)

The AGM-88 anti-radiation missile displayed at the US Military Museum also has “BSU-60 A/B” on the serial number. (taken from Wikipedia public domain)

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