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América de Cali was confirmed as one of the best venues in the 2020 BetPlay League after its 3-2 victory this Sunday over Pasto on date 16, bringing it closer to the quarterfinals.

Actually the three points, which led him to accumulate 27, is the most important after what was seen in Pascual Guerrero, because there are still aspects that must be reviewed by coach Juan Cruz Real and the squad of players thinking about the moment when the final rounds arrive.

Again with a two-goal advantage, he saw how they tied him in just two minutes, and only a penalty that was not clear, charged by Adrián Ramos, gave him peace of mind to ensure a very important victory against one of the best teams in the championship like Pasto .

Here’s in detail the good and bad of the Scarlet cast in their Sunday game:

Efficiency in the generated options: It was not the game with the largest amount of offensive actions generated by America, but it was fine to convert, taking advantage of the mistakes of the rival goalkeeper, Diego Martínez, through Yesus and Adrián Ramos – although in the second, from a penalty, it was not possible He sees Jeison Medina’s intention. Another one escaped that was left to Yesus Cabrera in the area and ended up uncomfortable.

A good local: It is undeniable that the team that enforces its home will have its qualification to the quarterfinals practically guaranteed and that is what it has so far rendered the scarlet cast, adding 22 points out of 24 possible.

Important work of Vergara, Cabrera, Arias and Ramos: These players carry the scarlet offensive weight and against Pasto they were well, generating several arrivals, of which three finished in the goal of Diego Martínez. For possession and arrivals, America deserved to keep the three points.

Deconcentration when you have the advantage: Instead of responding with profanity, Marlon Torres will have to find with his teammates the reasons why it is so difficult for America to keep the advantage on the scoreboard, a subject that has been repetitive under the guidance of Juan Cruz Real and that has cost them sweat, tears, valuable points, the elimination of Copa Libertadores and not being able to be in the South American.

There are the cases of Internacional and Gremio, both in Porto Alegre, last date with Nacional and this Sunday with Pasto, who in just two minutes scored two goals, at 4 and 5 of the second half, when Jeison Malagón and Ray Vanegas achieved the partial tie.

If the Valle del Cauca team defeats on the next day (Monday, November 2, 8:15 pm) as a visitor to Pereira, it could be one step away from qualifying for the quarterfinals, it would have time to train the group more calmly and thus find the rhythm and performance that Juan Cruz Real is looking for when the time comes to play definitive instances.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces


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