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América de Cali, which until the last minute endorsed the previous dignitary, Jorge Enrique Vélez, is ready for the election of the president of the Dimayor, next Thursday.

In dialogue with ‘La Banda Deportiva’, the maximum shareholder of the institution, Tulio Gómez, revealed what the card that will be played in the assembly will be.

One of the candidates, Julio Villate, had indicated that the Colombian champion had nominated him, but the truth is that Gómez announced his vote for Luis Fernando Jaramillo, based on the trajectory of Bogota as an executive and on the relations he has with the national government. .

In this sense, I point out that “I liked two candidates: Dr. César Camargo, son of Senator Camargo, and Dr. Jaramillo, the others are not bad, but I like Jaramillo today, of the candidates there are, because he is a executive of a multinational, he is a man who is close to the Government, close to private business, he is a conciliatory man, cultured, he is a man who I think does not divide us, although obviously there will be no unanimity, I did not know him, I have seen His resume, I have heard him, it seems to me that he is the man we need, he can sit down with any multinational or with any company from abroad and talk about sponsorships, etc ”.

Is being close to President Duque an advantage of Luis Fernando Jaramillo that you should take advantage of? “The same happened with César Camargo, who is married to a daughter of Carlos Holmes Trujillo, the idea is that we should be friends with the Government, as well as with the Mayor, with the Governor. We have a good friendship with everyone, football has to unite us, it does not have to separate us. Football has to be far from politics, from religion, it has to be a bridge that unites ”.

Can your arrival from Jaramillo be used to get soft credits with the Government? “No, the Government is not going to give us anything, nor are we going to ask for anything, only to have an option for loans like any other entity, because it is known that the Government is attending to many needs. If we did not join, the problem was Vélez, he was an excellent executive, he had no charisma and he did have some opponents, but he is a transparent man, Vélez did not steal a coin, nor did he commit any act of delicacy or intent. If so, they would have taken it with 20 cents. ”

Is there any basis for Fabián Sambueza? “Not at all, 50 players are offered to us, if we were to bring players it would be a ‘9’. We have (John) Arias, Juan David Vélez, Yesus Cabrera, Batalla, Santiago Moreno … At this time we cannot bring players, I just feel like we had a little ‘9’ left, but the rest we are fine. America has an excellent payroll, with what to start the tournament. “

In other words, Sambueza is totally ruled out? “Yes, we have never considered it. I clarify that he is an excellent player, but with the salary that this boy asks for, if Junior does not hire him, he has to look outside, with this pandemic nobody will pay that salary. ”

How is the situation of Duván Vergara today? “There is something pending there, but Duván is a young man who is not even 24 years old, so the silver is for resale. I give you an example, Luis Díaz sold it for Porto, 7 or 8 million dollars, and suddenly they buy it for 30 or 35 million, Junior keeps 30% and in resale he receives the same amount ”.

What is the closest option at this time? “We cannot mention it, the one who is managing that is the businessman, Kormac Valdebenito, the same agent as Jarlan Barrera.”

How was the agreement with Juan Pablo Segovia? “He is an American player, regardless of salary differences, he is one of the best defenders of Colombian professional soccer, you know that these Argentines like the talk, but they are very professional, together with their family and they perform on the pitch “

Marco Antonio Garcés Quintero
Soccer correspondent Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces


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