America draws against Pachuca; add three consecutive games without winning

America follow from leader of the competition, but it is in a tailspin.

Three games without a win for the Eagles, the first time this has happened with Santiago Solari at the front, but the worrying thing is that the team has dropped in level, it was no longer the one that bored, but it controlled the games and won with quality bursts.

Now he just bores and did not go from a draw to a goal in front of Pachuca.

Solari’s team had to beat and dominate Chivas, and it did not, and it could not with the Tuzos, one of the last places in the competition. It was inoperative, it was without creativity, without passion, without interesting wear. At the end Memo Ochoa saved him.

The goal of defender tuzo Gustavo Cabral (33 ‘), evidenced that The america He does not know how to mark set pieces. It was the fourth consecutive goal that the Eagles accepted, counting the three he received from Toluca.

Doing little to deserve, América found the tie in a play well resolved by Salvador Reyes, who took advantage of the ball that fell to him, by chance or not, Henry Martín. The young Reyes defined with extreme calm and thus the Eagles went to rest with a draw.

Nothing offered America To win, Pachuca settled for not losing to a team that apparently should destroy him.

But america it comes in a tailspin. He is the leader, 22 points, because his main pursuers: Monterrey, Toluca and Atlas, They have rejected the opportunities to surpass it, but that does not hide that in Solarism it lives its worst moments.


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