America is my 4 children, something I did wrong as a father: Luis García

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Mexico City / 05/06/2020 19:40:07


What’s going on, Doctor? Here applies the phrase of Christian Martinoli to Luis Garcia, who revealed that he lives an ordeal because all his children go to America, the archrival team of the Pumas, where the current TV Azteca analyst was born professionally.

The Doctor played with the Eagles for three years in that team from the 90’s with Biyik, Zague, Kalusha and Cuauhtémoc Blanco, but he does not understand why his descendants are presumed to be Americanists.

“We have done the family issue very badly because I have four children and all the wretches go to America instead of going to the Pumas, which is where I came from. I don’t know what i did wrong as dad“he joked in an interview for the famous YouTuber Spanish ZabaLive.

‘I love that they love or hate me like America’

Among the questions they asked Luis García, one of the most interesting was with which hobby do you identify most in Mexico if you are given a choice between Chivas and America, to which the former player of both clubs pointed out that the Flock is more about sentiment and that of the Eagles for polarizing the country.

I stay with the Chivas fans because it is a more endearing subject, more tenderness. The fact of playing only with Mexicans makes Guadalajara the second team of many, but I identify a lot with what people in America live“, he claimed.

“I love that they love or hate me, that is how many of me think and that is how Americanism lives. It is one of the few clubs where such a radical difference is experienced. With Chivas it is different, in this country it is managed rare nationalism, I say we are ‘cheap patriots’



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