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The Superliga was lost with Junior; it was out of the Copa Libertadores; he could not enter the South American Cup either; three consecutive defeats in the league… What is América de Cali doing wrong? Well, coach Juan Cruz Real considers that this Saturday the arbitration harmed his team with the expulsion of Rodrigo Ureña against Nacional, who returns the winner to Medellín with a 1-2 that motivates him to close the BetPlay League quarterfinals in the Atanasio Girardot.

Before analyzing the mistakes made by his squad, the Argentine coach said: “I will try to be careful with what I say, I think that the team until minute 27, when we received the expulsion, was superior to Nacional in the game, in control, we had arrivals, we dominated the rival, and the truth is that after minute 27 something happens that I as a coach cannot understand, I was a bit surprised because the same referee who directed us seven days ago leads us again and in That moment a player also sent us off, I don’t like to talk about the referees, but I have to do it because I think my players were very good, making a great effort, beating the rival, and a play that is not for expulsion, because the We saw again, the player has to support the foot, because how does he do without supporting the second foot ”.

Cruz Real added that “what surprises me is that there is VAR, because if it doesn’t exist it can create doubt. And there it conditions you, today in football playing with a man minus 60 minutes is a lot, and this is not an excuse or anything, all I want to say is that my players are lions, I think that having one player less the rival He barely got us into goal, he had the ball, but until 37 minutes we played eleven against eleven and the truth is that an aggressive team was seen, taking the ball away from the rival’s field, filtering passes, arriving ”.

The Argentine stressed that “the truth is that it hurts me a lot that these things happen with the arbitrations, because they harm not Juan Cruz Real but an institution, I don’t know if they are a little nervous with everything that is currently happening in Colombian football , but it seems to me that they should be careful because this makes one have even more distrust of what is happening, in any case it is an open tie, it is a 180 minute game, it is the same as ending the first half losing 2-1 As I see my players, I have blind faith in them, so beyond the bitter drink that we have today from the fight with injustice, we are going to go with all the weapons to seek the classification to Medellín ”.

On what he must do to end the mistakes that have become repetitive in the final minutes, he said that “the team adapted to that great advantage for the rival of being with a player for a long time, unfortunately in a last play they filter us the ball behind the back, which obviously the rival also plays and wants to do, I think there are both sides, there is something that must be improved on our part and the rival’s merit too, but I think my players were intelligent, 70m minutes with One less is a lot, but the key is open, I remember on another occasion coming from Barranquilla winning 2-1 and then we couldn’t take the advantage; we are in the same situation today, and I have a lot of confidence in my players ”.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Futbolred correspondent
In Twitter: @marquitosgarces


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