America makes fun of Tigres and the ‘abandonment’ of his hobby in the Volcano

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New Lion / 11.04.2021 07:35:35

The new victory of America on Tigers, now in New Lion, did not leave a pleasant taste in the mouth of the feline fans, who this Saturday returned to their court after more than a year away due to the pandemic of coronavirus. However, the night did not end well for them.

The university students were exhibited by the Eagles who did not miss the opportunity and left them a little mockery through social media.

The Americanist account emphasized 20% of the Volcano that was present in the stands, but they came out upset by the defeat of their team.

Also, the fans blue cream responded to the publication, with some photos and videos of the Incomparables, leaving the stadium after the third goal of the Eagles and the expulsions of Carlos Salcedo placeholder image Y Rafael Carioca.

Press predicts the ‘sinking’ of Tigres

After 5 years dominating the mexican soccer, Tigers live a nightmare 2021, at least in the Liga MX. And although he still has a chance to get into the League, the functioning of the team and the patience of the fans with the Tuca Ferretti and some players, it has gone down.

That is why some journalists, analysts or rapporteurs such as Paco Villa, David Faitelson or Álvaro Morales, they wrote about the possibility that the era of the UANL is coming to an end and that perhaps, it will soon cease to be a protagonist in it Aztec football.


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