America. Santiago Cáseres explodes when he loses in FIFA 20

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Editorial Half-time

Mexico City / 04/10/2020 07:21:54

The midfielder Santiago Cáseres is one of the three representatives of the America to participate in the eLiga MX, which will start this Friday, and his club will be one of the first to enter into activity, although he will debut until Day 2 against Tigers.

In an Instagram Live with a friend in Argentina, the player of the Eagles was questioned about his characteristics playing FIFA 20 on the PlayStation and pointed out that when he plays online and loses, he becomes so annoyed that turn off the console.

“In the history of the last month I turned my brother but historically I am his son. I try to be an offensive player, sometimes I get very hot when I play online and turn off Play, ”he said, explaining the rivalry with his brother Ramiro.

The Americanist reinforcement also confessed that since he learned that he would play this FIFA 20 tournament has been training so as not to be on duty.

“It is a Mexican League tournament, three players and different dates are playing and I have the second date and people are very involved and now I started to get nervous and I’m training there a little so as not to look bad.”



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