America vs Chivas, the LINEUP. The Sacred Flock surprises

Chivas wants the pass to the Semifinals and the coach, Victor Manuel Vucetich, decided to move his eleven to play the Round of the Quarterfinals, highlighting that Fernando Beltrán is not a starter tonight against America, as his place will be occupied by Eduardo Torres, while Cristian Calderon, hero in the Ida, will be a first baseman like Oribe Peralta.

Vuce decided to start both Calderón with OribeThey both changed the face of the Sacred Flock in La Ida and they also liked what Lalo Torres did; this time all three are headlines.

The baby will go to the bank, despite the fact that it has been one of the most reliable elements of the Guadalajara painting, a novelty that undoubtedly surprised his own and strangers, since Lalo has less experience than Beltrán.

In addition to Beltrán as a substitute, other novelties are the Chicote playing as a steering wheel and instead of Jesus Angulo appears Alexis Vega on the bench, who missed the Repechage against Necaxa and the First Leg of the Quarterfinals due to a second-degree sprain on his ankle, but for this game he was treated to go at least as a game changer.

The nicknamed Gru did several tests and is ready to play, a situation that did not happen with Jesús Angulo, injured in the Ida and that is why he stayed in Guadalajara.

Thus, Chivas goes for his pass to the Semifinals with Raúl Gudiño in goal. Miguel Ponce, Hiram Mier, Gilberto Sepúlveda and Jesús Sánchez in the rear. Jesús Molina, Torres, Uriel Antuna, Calderón and Isaac Brizuela, while at the top, Peralta.

Viñas returned to ownership with America after recovering covid-19

The America also presented news in their lineup to play the Quarterfinal Round against Chivas since Federico Viñas is the owner in the painting by Miguel Herrera; Luis Fuentes is the one sacrificed unlike the teams that played the Ida at the Akron Stadium.

Viñas recovered from covid-19 and in the meeting of Ida and entered the second part.

America goes with Guillermo Ochoa in goal. Jorge Sánchez, Víctor Aguilera, Sebastián Cáceres, Francisco Córdova, Jesús Escoboza, Richard Sánchez, Santiago Cáseres, Viñas, Giovani dos Santos and Henry Martín.


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