Americans confesses to killing family and dog in a Disney-built community

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Miami (AFP) – A man has confessed to killing his wife, three children, and family dog ​​in a Disney World-built community near the company’s famous Florida theme parks, police said Thursday.

Anthony Todt, a 44-year-old physiotherapist, admitted to killing his wife Megan (42) and children Alex, Tyler and Zoe (13, 11 and 4).

“I cannot understand what would cause a person to commit such evil and horrific acts,” said Russ Gibson, sheriff of Osceola County.

Todt, who is involved in the police investigation, faces four murder and animal abuse charges for killing the Breezy family dog.

Handcuffed and dressed in white overalls, Todt was led by a crowd of journalists to a bus that was to take him to the Osceola County Prison. The motive for the murders is unknown.

According to public records published in the Orlando Sentinel, Todt was experiencing serious financial difficulties in three states and was under investigation for federal fraud.

The police found the bodies in the family’s house on Monday, but were unable to identify them until Wednesday.

The family had not been seen since January 6, and friends and family had started a Facebook group to search for and share information. This prompted the police to investigate their disappearance.

Celebration, south of Orlando and the Disney theme parks, was developed in the 1990s by Disney World, which no longer owns the property. The community has long been the subject of urban myths, such as the apocryphal story that people were hired to guide dogs in the early days to make them look more homely, or that nearly 8,000 residents were given free annual passes to Disney parks ,


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