AMFpro: Ascenso MX disappeared because former players did not defend their rights

The president of the Mexican Association of Soccer Players (AMFpro), Alvaro Ortiz He assured that everything that soccer players live today is the responsibility of what past generations of soccer players who never defended their rights failed to do.

During an interview for ESPN, the now manager revealed that the ex-soccer players did not have the courage to be noticed within Mexican soccer and the Mexican Soccer Federation.

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“The players talk to you, something that did not happen before. You had to come as an international medium to start talking. Today I want to make a call and the reality is that there is a lot of talk about the AMF, that if we do not do or if we do, but the reality is that today we are paying what all the generations of footballers that earned them mother, all these generations that they are now ”, he asserted.

Similarly, he defended the players of the Selection of Mexico and assured that all the leaders have supported. “Everyone has helped in some way. I want to see the generations of the 60s or 70s and we paid them mother and we pay the new generations and this is a guild that started three years ago. To all those former soccer players who should have had a union and we didn’t have it and today we pay it. They hit us on social networks, ”he declared.

Ortiz reiterated that “if we had a union, these things would not happen and today we hit rock bottom, we touch how basic and sacred the footballer is and we must fight for a collective contract to have a voice and vote.”


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