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Amidst the conflict with Russia, NATO carries out massive naval maneuvers

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On its official website, NATO confirmed that the Steadfast Defender (“Static Defender”) exercise, which runs from May 12 to June 22, is the largest NATO exercise this year.

The alliance explained that the exercise is being conducted with the participation of 20 ships, 60 aircraft, 500 military vehicles and more than 9,000 military personnel from 20 countries, noting that these exercises aim to “test the alliance’s readiness and ability to move militarily, with the deployment of forces at sea and land, starting from North America and all the way to Black Sea Region and the Coasts of Portugal.

The exercises are intended to simulate NATO’s response to a potential attack on any of its members, and to test the alliance’s ability to move forces from America to Europe, while keeping supply lines open.

These exercises require the deployment of four thousand soldiers on full combat readiness in Romania, and simulate the rapid transfer of Allied forces across Europe.

The exercises are being coordinated through two new NATO Command Centers, one in Norfolk, Virginia, and the other in Ulm, Germany.

Participating in the maneuvers is the latest aircraft carrier in the British fleet, “Queen Elizabeth”, which is currently carrying out its maiden flight, carrying 18 F-35 aircraft.

Yesterday, Thursday, during a visit to this aircraft carrier off the coast of Portugal, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the “Queen Elizabeth” is the first aircraft carrier in the world dedicated to carrying fifth-generation warplanes, adding: “It carries elements of the US Marines.” It is protected by a Dutch frigate, and it is heading to the Pacific… It is a good example of cooperation between Europe and North America for their collective security.”

Stoltenberg added that the exercises “reflect the Alliance’s resolve in deterrence and defense in the Euro-Atlantic region” and send an important message to any potential adversary that “NATO is ready”.

These exercises come against the backdrop of rising tensions between NATO and Russia.


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