Amina Khalil announces her separation from her fiance (video)

12:45 PM

Wednesday 27 October 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Actress Amina Khalil announced her separation from her fiancé, noting that marriage is a division and a share.

Amina said during her meeting on the “A Last Word” program, presented by the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi, on the “On” screen: “God’s destiny and what he wants to do, share, I am sure I am upset when the topic is buzzing, but I remain certain that our Lord is a better need.”

She added, “Life is not easy, and in men who do not accept his wife, she will be a successful actress.”

And she continued, “There are men who can bear the success of the wife, and in the men of her personality, she will not allow her.”

On the other hand, the artist Amina Khalil participates in the movie “Amma” starring Muhammad Adel Imam, Muhammad Tharwat, Sayed Ragab and others, and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi.


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