Aminatou Haidar: press release from RAM

Passenger Aminatou Haidar was prevented from boarding Wednesday’s flight to Las Palmas because she tested positive for Covid-19, a Royal Air Maroc (RAM) statement said.

“Following the dissemination on certain social networks of erroneous information concerning the flight conditions of a passenger in the name of Aminatou Haidar, Royal Air Maroc insisted that“ in accordance with the protocol of the state of health emergency, the Compagnie Nationale was seized by the health authorities of Laâyoune, in order to report that the passenger in question tested positive for Covid-19 ”, adding that she was therefore prevented from boarding flight AT1418 from this Wednesday, November 18 from Laâyoune to Las Palmas.

This coordination between health authorities, local authorities and the National Company, aims to preserve the health of passengers and flight safety, said the same source, recalling that in accordance with RAM procedures and those of almost all airlines, people positive for Covid 19 cannot logically access a flight and risk infecting all passengers.

In addition, it is useful to remember that any person infected with Covid-19 must observe strict confinement for 14 days and avoid any contact with other people, the statement concluded.

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