Amira Pocher: “Photobomb”: Here your baby bursts into the video

They romp around, beat their hands and feet and are faster than you think – children can be real whirlwinds. Amira Pocher (29) has the same two of them romping around at home. Comedian’s wife shows that things can seem a little wilder there Oliver Pocher (43) on Instagram. You can see the 29-year-old with a long scratch on her forehead – and it came from one of her children! Amira takes it with humor and states: “Does my baby need a manicure?” And even later the little ones played jokes. Because he immortalized one of her children in Amira’s Instagram story. While Amira a nice mirror video wanted to make of himself, her baby insisted on bursting into the video. Seems like the offspring knows how to steal the show from mom.

Oops, what happened there? In the video above, we show you the traces of Amira Pocher’s little whirlwind.

Amira Pocher is upset about the behavior of her Oliver

But things can get wilder not only with the Pocher offspring, because Papa Oli recently triggered a police operation through his behavior. During his performance at the musician’s concert Pietro Lombardi (29) the comedian did not adhere to the Corona measures and was promptly escorted off the premises by the police. His behavior? Embarrassing, as Amira thinks. “Like such a combat dwarf,” the 29-year-old describes her husband’s approach. Oliver Pocher also comes across criticism on the Internetafter uploading a video of the process. A comment under the Instagram post reads: “You are making yourself the frying pan of the month”.

Sweet declaration of love to his Amira! In the exclusive interview, Oliver Pocher finds touching words for his wife. You can find out more about this in the video below.

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