AMLO goes to Zacatecas, which faces six executions daily

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presents today the Support Plan for Zacatecas at the entity’s Palace of Conventions, a day after eight other bodies were found hanging on trees and bridges in three communities of Fresnillo.

Images of one of the bridges where bodies hanged yesterday and of the Army operation were found.  (Javier Ríos)

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Images of one of the bridges where bodies hanged yesterday and of the Army operation were found. (Javier Ríos)

The President has presented support plans in the entities where new Morenoist administrations are assuming and offers strategies that are adapted to the problems and realities of each entity.

On Zacatecas, since last September 12, when he assumed as governor David monreal, 414 murders have been registered, while so far this year there have been 57 hanged, 34 in the municipality of Fresnillo.

Yesterday, residents of the San José de Lourdes community reported three bodies of men hanging from a bridge located over the Aguanaval river. Later it was confirmed that another three were hanging from a tree near the bridge that connects the Montemariana community.

While security elements were guarding the area, two other bodies were found in trees. This third discovery occurred on one side of the state highway that connects the towns of San Ignacio and San Gabriel.

Zacatecas accumulates two weeks of extreme violence, which caused the governor to replace the secretary of Public Security, Arturo López Bazán, by retired general Adolfo Marín.

The change occurred after 10 hanging bodies were found on November 18; They were on a vehicular bridge in the Cuauhtémoc municipalityThey showed signs of torture and were semi-naked.

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On that occasion, the discovery occurred on a vehicular bridge located on federal highway 45 in the direction of Luis Moya. Since November 6, there have been reports of two corpses also hanging in Fresnillo.

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Local media released the fact after a report by emergency 911 by inhabitants of the area. Despite this situation, Monreal Avila He accused that there are people who are going to “sow dead people” in his entity.

It is expected that the President’s visit will offer social programs and resources, as well as a deployment of security elements that will reduce crime. So far it has led plans to Michoacan, Colima and Guerrero.

In the latter entity, the strategy contemplates the reinforcement of security and the expansion of wellness programs, with the deployment of more than 700 elements of the army and of the National Guard in Chilpancingo, Iguala and Acapulco.

On Colima Financial support, reinforcement of security and implementation of Welfare programs were announced in order to pacify the state. It will have nine National Guard facilities and projects will be expanded Youth Building the Future, pensions for the elderly and scholarships. On Michoacan the strategy goes the same way.

Only in Fresnillo, 34

On Fresnillo 34 bodies have been hanged out of 57 reported in the entity in different criminal acts so far in 2021. In this municipality, from June to date, the main modus operandi of a criminal group that disputes the territory is to leave the bodies hanging with messages to his adversaries.

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In June, the first discovery of bodies hanging in the capital of Zacatecas, which corresponded to the two state policemen who were illegally deprived of their liberty in the municipality of Villa de Ramos in San Luis Potosí, which is located on the border with the state.

In the month of July there were two criminal events in the municipality of Valparaíso: the first on July 2 and it was the discovery of a body hanging from a road bridge, and on July 25, four more men were suspended under a roof tile in the federal highway 44 that leads from Fresnillo to Valparaíso.

In August, the case of six bodies hanging from the El Orito bridge in the capital of Zacatecas; they were all male and semi-naked. On November 18, violence reached maximum levels with the discovery of 10 bodies hanging in the municipality of Cuautémoc City.

Yesterday it was announced that state security elements attended the report of eight bodies that were left in three different points of the rural community of San José de Lourdes in the municipality of Fresnillo.

Staff of the State Attorney General went to the sites to carry out the removal of the corpses and the Ministry of Public Security recovered the bodies and transferred them to the Forensic Medical Service for your analysis.

All the victims are male, between 15 and 77 years old, from the municipality of Fresnillo, seven were identified and later handed over to their relatives; one of the victims remains unidentified. Police presence and security were reinforced in this area of ​​the state to give peace of mind to citizens of nearby municipalities and areas.

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