AMLO government refuses to confront them by force, but sticks to the financial structure of the drug cartels

The AMLO government slaps the CJNG, the Sinaloa cartel, among others, with a white glove (Photo art: Steve Allen)

The government from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has presented, from December 2018 to May 2020, 19 complaints before the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) related to the crime of organized crime in against of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), Poster of Sinaloa, the Union Tepito, and of Genaro García Luna.

The strategy is hit its financial structure to weaken their actions and not confront them directly through the use of force. That is, hugs, not bullets, as the president has said.

“A important agreement it would be 230/19, which led to 330 people of the Sinaloa cartel blocked. We are working a scheme same for him Jalisco New Generation Cartel and also working one for the Union Tepito“Indicated the headline of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Santiago Nieto, in an interview with The universal.

The official explained that several of the investigations are on his desk. Are 19 complaints with data on deposits for more than 7,000 million pesos in accounts of 118 natural persons and 50 morals.

The FIU also goes against the Tepito Union (Photo art: Steve Allenl)

The FIU also goes against the Tepito Union (Photo art: Steve Allenl)

Nieto Castillo revealed that currently the unit that heads faces a total of 10 drug trafficking cartels, of them, two have a presence throughout Mexico, that of Sinaloa, headed by IshmaelMayZambada and the Chapitos, sons of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, as well as the CJNG, lead by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, “El Mencho“, and eight regional cartelsYes, they were growing during the sexennium from Enrique Peña grandson.

From there there is a theme of mutation. I would argue that there are eight strong cartels including regional ones. Now they are also engaged in other criminal activities. All eight focus on drug trafficking, but seven are involved in kidnapping and extortion, and in oil theft there are four.

Revealed that in so far of the administration de López Obrador, the FIU has blocked almost 1,000 million of weights of the organized crime.

The issue is in the generation of block agreements. We now have 980 million pesos frozen for organized crime so far in the administration. An important deal would be 230/19, which led to the blocking of the accounts of 330 people from the Sinaloa cartel. We are working on an equal scheme for the “Jalisco New Generation Cartel” and another for the “Union Tepito

The FIU freezes accounts of Genaro García Luna (Fotoarte: Infobae, Jovani Silva)

The FIU freezes accounts of Genaro García Luna (Fotoarte: Infobae, Jovani Silva)

To what end? He was questioned.

You cannot fight organized crime without facing other phenomena. First, fight against the hired killers and the cartel bosses, as the previous administration did; however, the strategy was a failure, because the financial structures were not touched. Second, political corruption was not attacked, while mayors colluded with these groups will have a support to face it. Third, judicial and ministerial corruption were not dealt with, and as long as there are judges that grant them amparos and public ministries that determine not to exercise criminal action, there will always be a halo of legal protection. In the end it was not attacked because it was not a government priority

Santiago Nieto explained why we Knowing that politicians than protected or were colluded with The Zetas in Texas, or with Genaro García Luna In New York.

Genaro García Luna, for example, we reached him via political corruption and not drug trafficking. But it is also true that we gave the information to the United States about political corruption, because they did not have it, and finally this Nunvav company was the one that paid for the life plan of García Luna in Miami.

The FIU manager said that there is others cases What are they very relevant for the authorities.

This, for example, of Isidro Aguilar Gutiérrez, speaking of public servants. Federal magistrate. (separate from features in 2019). Víctor Bernal García, who has the defense, among others, of ‘El Mayito’, ‘El Menchito’. The interesting thing that this guy was doing was paying the federal magistrate, related to two other magistrates, he also modified the sentence in favor of ‘El Z-2 ′. We found him 76 million pesos in his accounts of the Federal Judicial Council, which had paid him 26 million, and had 50 million that he could not justify.

On Thursday, the expert on security issues, Eduardo Guerrero, said the drug cartels have responded with bullets to the proposal of hugs by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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