AMLO’s Morning Conference: Updates on Elections, Corruption, and Socioeconomic Progress

2023-06-02 12:15:39

09:10- The conference ends.

09:10- AMLO trusts that everything will pass peacefully and calmly in the elections this June 4 in Edomex and Coahuila: “You have to be very optimistic.”

09:06- AMLO mocks that “they made a new Carreño manual” for those who were candidates, in addition to “polishing” them and even telling them how to laugh.

09:01- Once again AMLO says that towards 2024 “continuity is guaranteed” and again accuses that electoral fraud was done to him in 2006 and 2012.

09:01- Talk about the false loyalty that exists in politics.

08:57: “¡take your shampoo!” AMLO recommends telling those who seek to buy the vote.

08:54- A few days after the elections in Edomex and CoahuilaAMLO tells people to have the arrogance to feel free and send “to hell” to those who offer something in exchange for the vote, but “if they have a lot of need, a white lie is allowed.”

Standing on one foot, AMLO says that the purpose is to continue banishing corruption. Photo: Screenshot

08:52- As he has done on other occasions, AMLO says, standing on one foot, that the purpose is to “continue banishing corruption” and is committed to “continuity with change.”

08:47- “We are going to wait,” he reiterates about the appointments of ambassadors.

08:44- About the news that the former PRI governor Omar Fayad he would be appointed ambassador of Mexico in Israel, AMLO says that “nothing is defined yet” and profiles are being analyzed.

08:43- He comments that an analysis will be made that has to do with the homicides in Baja California.

08:41- Consider visiting Sonora soon. He will visit Hidalgo.

08:39- You have to give more to those who have less, that is justice and that is what we are doing, he says.

08:36- He says that in the anteroom of the dependencies preferential treatment was given to “those above.”

08:30- AMLO highlights the guaranteed prices, support for producers and the free delivery of fertilizers. He accuses that before “the little ones were not given anything.”

08:27- On the 14th anniversary of the fire at the ABC Nursery This June 5, AMLO announces that the progress of the investigation will be reported and expresses his support for the victims and their families.

08:24- It highlights the importance of Train Mexico-Querétaro: It is a necessary, strategic project that should be promoted.

08:21- AMLO: “I want to go down in history as the second president to leave the most protected natural reserves during my government; The first is held by General Lázaro Cárdenas, I aspire to that”.

08:15- He says that he is already talking to the Chetumal authorities so that trade can be reactivated without paying taxes and goods can enter.

08:11- It highlights the promotion of trade on the southern border and that fiscal measures have already been issued “so that Chetumal return to what it was before in terms of trade”.

08:10- López Obrador: We are doing well in the economy and socially, people are very happy, very happy, very hopeful.

08:07- Poor my alma mater, the UNAMbut it will be recovered by the students and the teachers: AMLO.

08:06- “With all due respect”, AMLO criticizes former officials who left the ITAMas Ernest Lambbut recognizes Zoe Robledograduated from that institute.

08:03- “For young people”, AMLO once again recounts that José Antonio González Anaya, former Secretary of the Treasury, allegedly said that the increase in gasoline did not matter because most people did not have a car.

08:01- He qualifies officials from the past as “cretins” and attacks the media “for their role of manipulating everything they gave.”

07:58- He points out that unfortunately in the neoliberal period the Petrochemical industry, which could not withstand “the neoliberal gale”. He launches against the businessman Claudio X. Gonzalez.

07:57- He says that “we are self-sufficient” and there will be raw material to process the fuels. He accuses waste and corruption in Pemex and the government.

07:54- He accuses that there was over-exploitation, “especially in Cantarell”.

07:51- He points out that Banco de México’s reserves have increased 16.5%. Mexico’s oil mix has been stable, he says, noting that “we are self-sufficient.” He points out that his government rescued Pemex y CFE.

07:47- “What already Denise (Dresser) do not continue to polarize”, expresses AMLO between laughs at the coverage that the political scientist makes of the war in Ukraine. She highlights the increase in the index on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the net debt.

07:45- “This is the net of the planet”, says AMLO when highlighting the purchasing power with the minimum wage.

07:43- We Mexicans should say that the corrupt neoliberals should not return, or that they should return, but what they took, López Obrador expressed in his morning.

AMLO celebrates energy sovereignty. Photo: Screenshot

07:40- AMLO celebrates energy sovereignty. He says that the increase in the minimum wage is historic.

07:38- He refers that his government takes care of increasing inflation, which he trusts will continue to drop.

07:36- AMLO: “I have always supported the phrase ‘above those below’, which does not mean ‘below those above’, but below the privileges.” Once again AMLO says that his government does not allow corruption and accuses that in past six-year terms they dedicated themselves to looting.

07:33- For this year we predict that we can reach 4% annual growth, says AMLO. He mentions that there is a better distribution of income, with less poverty: “And it does not mean that those at the top have done badly.”

07:29- We are growing economically, we got up after the pandemic, he says when comparing GDP growth between countries.

07:27- He points out that Mexico is the main trading partner of the US and the competition that exists with Canada.

07:25- It also highlights the foreign investment. Foreign investment will continue to come, he says.

07:23- He hopes to exceed 60 billion dollars in remittances and thanks Mexicans abroad.

07:20- We are at the lowest unemployment in the world, says AMLO and highlights the behavior of the peso against the dollar: “We have recovered the strength of the peso,” he says.

07:16- He mentions that the average salary is 16 thousand 263 pesos per month. “has fallen the unemploymentlike it hasn’t been seen in 20 years,” he says.

07:15- The president’s conference begins Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. It exposes main socioeconomic results. “We have done very well in terms of employment,” he says, highlighting the registration of 21 million workers with the IMSS and closing May with more than 40,000 new jobs.

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