Among Us: Innersloth reveals new map with a surprise

This Wednesday, InnerSloth announced that you already have an account in Twitter. Is about @AmongUsGame, and to celebrate, they shared their first message. In addition to welcoming fans, this one says ‘get all the news, glimpses and funny jokes here and become part of the team’.

But what attracted the most attention is what came next. There it is mentioned ‘Here’s a special look at the NEW Among Us map!’, and they showed it.

A look at the new Among Us map

The previous message ended with ‘(For your eyes only !!) (Don’t show the Imposters !!)’. Later, the company mentioned ‘Do you want more? Stay tuned to @thegameawards on December 10th. It’s getting really suspicious there. ‘.

It is to be imagined that the information about this map will be given in The Game Awards 2020. Among Us is nominated in the categories of Best Mobile Game Y Best Multiplayer Game.

Among Us will fight the cheaters with its new update

Couldn’t be nominated for Game of the Year for the simple reason that it came out in 2018. As for the map itself, what you can see is the bridge of the ship, and two members of the crew. It seems that InnerSloth is working on new looks for the characters.

A uniform can be seen in one of them, and another has half the mechanical body or is covered with armor. He also has huge red mustaches and a large black hat.

InnerSloth is preparing something else

It has long been known that InnerSloth is working on a new map for Among Us. That was what was revealed in your statement where he announced the new update for the game. However, on that occasion he did not mention when it would be available, and neither did he today.

Perhaps the company plans to reveal more details as part of The Game Awards 2020. Not for nothing is the team in charge of the game invited to this great event.

Regarding the game account in TwitterBoy, it’s growing really fast. It just started this Wednesday and already has more than 140 thousand followers. Without discounting that it is already verified. No, it is not from a Impostor Nor nothing alike.

See if by chance this way it is easier for the developer team to interact with the fans, and take advantage of the feedback. As you can imagine, if you are fans of this game, it is worth following it.



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