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RSA 2020. RSA beneficiaries will soon benefit from exceptional solidarity aid. The payment of the CAF is scheduled for Friday, November 27.

[Mis à jour le 19 novembre 2020 à 09h06] In the context of the reconfinement, the executive announced the renewal of the exceptional solidarity aid this fall. It concerns in particular recipients of active solidarity income (RSA). The payment date is scheduled for Friday, November 27. You do not have to do anything with CAF, except to check your bank details, since the payment is automatic. Are you wondering about the amount you will receive? It amounts to 150 euros, to which can be added 100 euros per child. If you are a couple, you will receive 150 euros. If you are alone or in a couple and have a dependent child, you will receive 250 euros. Since the start of the health crisis, the number of RSA requests has exploded. The Minister of Public Accounts said he expected an average increase of 8.7% in beneficiaries this year. The active solidarity income is a social benefit paid by CAF, means-tested. The amount of RSA in 2020 is 564 euros for a single person not receiving housing assistance (APL). The RSA can concern young active people – we speak then of young RSA -, but they must justify a certain duration of professional activity, excluding internship.

Partial unemployment, job loss … Are you one of those French people for whom the reconfinement translates into a further drop in your income? has studied for you the various existing assistance systems and the levers that you can use to manage your budget as well as possible during this period. Consult our dedicated file without delay.

It is necessary reside in France in a stable, effective manner and be old at least 25 years old. Unpaid pupils, students and interns are not eligible for RSA. Single parents are the exception. The RSA cannot either concern people on parental leave, unpaid leave or sabbatical leave. Are you not of French nationality? In this case, you must fulfill a number of conditions of stay. If you are European, you must be the holder of a right of residence in France and have lived for at least three months when you apply or have a declared job in France and be either unemployed, on sick leave, or in training professional. If you are not European, you must have a residence permit allowing you to work in France for at least five years, or hold the resident card or have refugee status or be recognized as stateless.

In fact, the family allowance fund (CAF) takes into account your household resources as well as’a lump sum that varies depending on the composition of your household the number of dependent children. You live alone ? In this case, the flat-rate amount of the RSA reaches 564,78 €. Are you currently in a relationship or in a single-parent family? Here are the flat-rate amounts of the RSA – the one that will therefore serve as the basis for calculating family allowances, it is not the final amount – since April 1, 2020 :

Single parent family

Number of children / dependent Single person Single parent
Pregnant woman isolated 725,24
1 847,17 966,99
2 1 016,60 € 1 208,74 €
Per additional child or dependent 225,91 241,74


Number of children / dependent Amount
0 847,17
1 1 016,60 €
2 1 186,04 €
Per additional child or dependent 225,91

Regarding the income taken into account by CAF, it studies the resources received in the last three months to then establish an average. What resources are taken into account? Here are some examples :

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Daily social security benefits
  • Housing allowances
  • Family benefits

Attention, certain aids are also taken into account when calculating the active solidarity income. As explained previously, the family allowances fund has thus established a accommodation package depending on the number of people in your household:

  • If you are alone it reaches 67,77 €
  • If you are two, it is € 135.55
  • From three people making up the household, it climbs to € 167.74.

Inevitably, this housing package reduces the amount of the social benefit. On its dedicated site, public service gives the example of a couple with two dependent children. He receives housing assistance and family allowances. Here is the calculation that applies:

RSA amount = € 1,186.04 – € 131.95 – € 167.74

This device designates the active solidarity income intended for single parents. A single parent is considered to be a single, divorced, separated or widowed person who has dependent children. Here is the RSA flat rate for a single parent:

  • For a single pregnant woman: € 725.24
  • For a single person with a dependent child: € 966.99
  • For a single person with two dependent children: € 1,208.74
  • per additional child: 241.74 euros.

The lump sum is increased when you declare a pregnancy or the birth of a child or the care of a child or a separation. The increase cannot last more than 12 months.

The Family Allowances Fund has made a simulator available to users on its website, at the following address: If you already receive a family benefit from CAF, you are invited to log into your personal space using your beneficiary number.

If not, you have the option of using a simulator. Keep in mind that you will need to have information about the people who live in your household, as well as the resources of the last three months of your entire household. You will then obtain an estimate of the amount of RSA to which you can claim, and if necessary, you can initiate the procedures.

To obtain these social benefits, you have three possibilities: at your own online request on the CAF website, fill in a form from your family allowances fund or CCAS for example, or send the form by mail corresponding to your cash register. The Cerfa form number 15481 is available here. Are you wondering about the documents to provide? Here is the list :

  • A bank account number
  • A declaration of pregnancy if you are expecting a child
  • Photocopy of your identity card or passport as well as your residence permit if you are not of French nationality

Find all of the documents to be provided on page seven of the Cerfa form.

The RSA be awarded for a period of three months. Each quarter, the beneficiary of the active solidarity income must declare their resources, either by mail or online. This social benefit is paid every month by CAF and from the first month in which you submitted your application. In the event of a change of situation, you must inform CAF as soon as possible.

When the resources of your household are less than 500 euros per month, you must imperatively answer a job search obligation. The obligations are included in your personalized employment access project that you have established with your employment center advisor. As a reminder, it is not possible to refuse more than two reasonable job offers.

The CAF lists three situations in which the active solidarity income can be suspended. Here are the details:

  • You have not respected your job search obligations if you are a job seeker, or even if you are removed from Pôle emploi from the list of applicants.
  • You have been hospitalized in a health facility for more than 60 days or get a health insurance coverage : a 50% reduction in RSA applies.
  • You have been imprisoned for more than 60 days: in this case, the social benefit is suspended.

Keep in mind that CAF is entitled to claim from you RSA allowances paid and to which you were not entitled for two years.

Young people under 25 cannot receive the active solidarity income. An RSA system reserved for young workers has been implemented. So, a young person aged 18 to 25 who can justify a certain length of professional activity (salaried or unpaid activity, hour of activity completed during a period of unemployment, activity completed within the framework of a voluntary service contract in the army) may receive it. As for the classic RSA, you must reside in France in a stable and effective manner. Please note, periods of compensated unemployment and internship are not considered in the eyes of CAF as periods of activity.

The calculation formula is identical to that of the so-called classic active solidarity income. The RSA young worker request cannot be made online on the CAF website. You must do it either directly at your local CAF, or by mail. As a young worker, you must submit two forms: form n ° 15481 (or n ° 15482 if you are self-employed) and the cerfa n ° 14130.

Yes. As explained previously, the composition of your household taken into account to determine your eligibility for RSA as well as the calculation of the amount of the social benefit. As an indication, the flat rate amount of RSA when you live with a partner, without dependent children, amounts to € 847.17. Keep in mind that this amount can obviously vary depending on your household resources.

As beneficiaries of the RSA, you can claim to accumulate the activity bonus. Note that you can do a simulation in your personal space on the CAF website in the “simulate or request a service” section.

Yes, as an RSA beneficiary, you are one of the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus. The latter is paid automatically a few days before the end of the year holidays. Its amount depends on the composition of your household. It reaches 152.45 € for a single person.

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