Amparo Grisales and his fights with Jessica Cediel and other celebrities

The artist, who the ‘look’ was changed for a new season of ‘Yo me llamo’ — program of Snail Television– has been characterized by having a strong character, saying things without a filter and having his point of view respected.

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For this reason, millions of Colombians have witnessed fights that the actress has had with various celebrities such as Jessica Cediel, her co-worker in ‘Yo me llamo’, and Margarita Rosa de Francisco, called her incoherent on Twitter.

Fights Amparo Grisales with Jessica Cediel and other celebrities

The jury of the ‘reality’ of Snail Television had a run-in with Pipe Bueno’s ex-girlfriend in 2017, when Cediel disagreed with an opinion from her.

Everything was given by a presentation of the imitator of Maluma; Grisales asked him to cut his hair to look more like the original, but Jessica Cediel0 he said, backstage, that he thought the contestant was fine with his hair.

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The ‘Diva’ then demanded that the model respect her opinion as a jury and limit her comments, as it could confuse the participants who were actually supposed to delight the juries.

A similar situation starred Grisales, who is celebrating his birthday this Sunday, with Alejandra Borrero placeholder image, when both were panelists invited to a discussion on the role of women (in 2018), in which they talked about feminism and sexual violence.

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Amparo Grisales said that the abused women “became lesbians,” something that outraged Borrero.

The ‘Mafia Dolls’ actress also got angry with Jessi Uribe, to which robbed at an airport, in one of the last editions of ‘Yo me llamo’, where the singer assured that the imitator of Ricky Martín went out of tune.

She did not agree, so there was a discussion with Uribe; the anger that gave him was so great that ended up getting up from the jury table.

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Of the clashes that are perhaps the most remembered by viewers were between Grisales and Jairo Martínez, one of the jurors of the first editions of ‘Yo me llamo’. There were so many fights that they even had Luz Amparo Álvarez (the other jury) asked her namesake respect for her partner.

In this regard, Martínez commented in ‘It says about me’:

“It was hard for me that Amparo didn’t love me and I tried. I used to say: ‘I’m going to try’, but that’s her ”.

Precisely because she is so direct and strong when saying things, the ‘Diva’ has caused hatred and love among Colombians.


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