Amsterdam: tourists soon banned from coffee shops?

Each year, the question comes back to the table. Will cannabis sold in Amsterdam coffee shops soon be banned from tourists? The mayor of the Dutch capital has in any case gone on a crusade against these cafes where it is possible to consume and buy them. Femke Halsema wishes to considerably reduce the number. And to support his arguments, the city council ordered a study on the impact that a ban could have, in order to “reduce the attraction of cannabis for tourists”, details The Independent. Amsterdam attracts no less than 17 million visitors each year, for a population of 1 million people. Tourists also tend to visit the center of the city and leave the rest of the historic places.

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According to the findings of the study, carried out by the Amsterdam office of research, information and statistics, 34% of foreigners would go less often to the city if a ban were to be imposed. 11% of tourists would never even come to Amsterdam again. According to the study, 42% of Britons would reduce their visit to the Dutch capital, 12% of them would stop coming. Conversely, 40% of those questioned said that they would stop using cannabis during their visit in the event of a ban.

The red light district in the viewfinder

In 2018, The Hague became the first city in the Netherlands to ban cannabis in its city center. In the Netherlands, cannabis legislation remains paradoxical. If coffee shops are authorized to sell them, production is however prohibited. In the end, establishments end up dealing with organized gangs.

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The red light district of Amsterdam, known for its places of prostitution and its numerous coffee shops, is particularly scrutinized. Tourists come in large numbers and Femke Halsema intends to reverse the trend. The town hall has already introduced a ban on organized visits to the red light district by tour operators from April 1.

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