Amy Winehouse: How she became Karl Lagerfeld’s muse

Amy Winehouse
How she became Karl Lagerfeld’s muse

Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011.

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Amy Winehouse delighted fans not only with her soul voice, but also with her style, which is still unparalleled to this day.

“She is the new Brigitte.” Designer Karl Lagerfeld didn’t talk about Claudia Schiffer (50), Vanessa Paradis (48) or Toni Garrn (29). No, when the fashion czar, who died in 2019, drew a comparison with the French film icon Brigitte Bardot (86), none other than Amy Winehouse was meant. July 23rd marks the tenth anniversary of the soul singer’s death. Not only will her voice be remembered, but also her unique style.

It’s actually not surprising that the great Karl was an Amy fan, after all, the former Chanel chief designer sent his models down the catwalk in iconic looks in 2007: huge beehive hairstyles that were reminiscent of bird nests and eyeliner that is enough for two models would have. Lagerfeld even had the supermodel Coco Rocha (32) photographed in winehouse style for the fashion label.

That’s what defines the Amy look

The British revived the 1950s with her looks – but in a very idiosyncratic way. Stylist Naomi Parry once told the “Grazia” how difficult it was to find the “Amy look” in the beginning. Because when they first met, Winehouse was “more in the style of rockabilly”: “So we decided to put together ‘Fred Perry’ polo shirts, shorts, vests and bras as a stage outfit for her during the day then exactly her style, “said the stylist. This always included corsets and a wide waist belt to emphasize the hips and bottom. Amy Winehouse was never afraid to show herself figure-hugging or to show her true colors.

That may be the reason why her appearance was well received by “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour (71). Richard Blackwell, a style critic and designer until his death in 2008, saw things differently and grabbed Amy Winehouse in 2007 “List of Worst Dressed Women” behind Victoria Beckham (47) in second place.

Ten years after her untimely death at the age of only 27, one can ask: What is left of the “beautiful, talented artist”, as Karl Lagerfeld called her. The answer: Music and a sense of style that even amazed the fashion guru himself – merci, Amy!


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