an advertisement reveals in advance all the new features coupled with AI

2023-10-02 05:33:36

Just before their official launch, scheduled for October 4, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have just been the subject of a new leak. An advertisement revealing several of the new smartphone features has been published on the web.

On Intitulée « Switch to Pixel »this one highlights Google’s AI features to try to convince you to abandon your current smartphone to buy the company’s smartphones.

Google’s Pixel event will take place on October 4, but it seems like there’s very little we don’t know about the phone yet, given the constant stream of leaks. The latest one, for example, revealed that Google plans to update its smartphones for no less than 7 years, which would be a record on Android.

What new AI-boosted features for the Pixel 8?

According to the advertisement, changing your smartphone has become easier than ever. The video begins by highlighting the Pixel’s capabilities, emphasizing its ability to seamlessly transfer various data, including apps, contacts, music, photos, videos and messages, which it acts via SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp.

Attention then shifts to the features offered by the Pixel, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence, which corresponds to Google’s main area of ​​innovation. One of these new features is “Best Take“, a feature that uses AI to edit faces in photos.

Furthermore, the presentation highlights “Magic Eraser”, which can be used on photos from your old device. She also mentions other Pixel features like Real Tone, Call Screen, Feature Drops, and Google’s suite of Pixel apps and products, including the Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds. We can also expect the arrival of Magic Editor, which was presented in another leak.

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Two other separate ads shared by Lupine are designed specifically for the Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8. The Pro’s ad places a heavy emphasis on camera features such as Video Boost, Night Sight Video, Audio Eraser, Best Take et Pro Controls. In contrast, the Pixel 8 ad is more comprehensive, covering camera features and also highlighting Safety Check. What is certain is that we will not lack AI-boosted features on these two new smartphones.

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