An African American wrongfully convicted in Florida goes free 16 years later

An African American man who was wrongfully sentenced to life in prison in Florida for an armed robbery at a liquor store he was released after 16 years with the help of an organization called Innocence Project.

The Judge John Murphy of Fort Lauderdale (Southeastern Florida) ordered this Monday that Leonard Cure, 51, be released from prison after the Sentence Review Unit The Florida State Attorney in Fort Lauderdale found that there was a high probability that he had been wrongly convicted.

Murphy did the formalities necessary to change the sentence imposed to Cure in 2004 by the time already served in prison, said the Florida Phoenix digital medium.

According to court documents, Cure was eventually convicted of a tax investigation imperfecta and based on a wrong identification by witnesses and ineffective legal aid, added that medium.

Innocence Project Florida attorneys collaborated with researchers from the 17th Judicial Circuit prosecutor’s office to find evidence that would enable Cure to go free again.

“Cure has a very positive attitude, much more so than I would probably have in his case,” said Krista Nolan, an attorney with the Innocence Project who represented him in the review process of the sentence.

Nolan told Florida Phoenix that Cure is already living with his family and looking for work.

In October an independent sentencing review panel, which is integrated into the State Attorney’s Office, voted unanimously in favor of ending Cure’s sentence on the grounds that there was reasonable doubt about his guilt and that he was more likely innocent.

According to Florida Phoenix, if it weren’t for a Florida rule that states that only the wrongly convicted prisoners who have no other history for other causes, Cure could receive up to USD 800,000.


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