An alloy of plants to treat cholesterol in a “natural” way?

We know how to treat cholesterol, through diet and drug treatments. But these have harmful effects on the daily lives of patients. So, since 2014, French researchers from Puy-de-Dôme have been looking for a herbal treatment, alternative to conventional drugs and more easily bearable for the body, as revealed by France 3. Explanations.

Daily life with cholesterol, very restrictive

As a reminder, it is estimated that excess cholesterol affects 20% to 30% of the population. High cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular problems of the AVC type Where infarction, especially past 45 years. Recently, a new treatment that can be injected every two weeks, making it possible to inhibit the protein that prevents the liver from eliminating bad cholesterol has been in the news.

This time, the idea is to find a more natural option, to “develop health products that will act upstream, at the interface between recommendations for lifestyle changes and medication intake”, explains the director of the department of discovery and preclinical and translational research, interviewed by France 3 on this initiative. The observation made by doctors is as follows: keeping an adapted cholesterol-lowering diet over the long term is restrictive and difficult to manage, to the point that many patients have to be treated in parallel.

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