An amazing anti-covid nasal spray is being developed in France, the date of its market entry revealed!

Since the start of the health crisis, scientists have been working hard to find the miracle solution that will have the power to put a definitive end to the epidemic. However, nothing is won yet. At the start of 2022, France even reached a peak in contamination. This Friday, January 21, 400,851 positive cases for covid-19 were recorded in 24 hours. Alarming figures that push researchers to develop new projects. After the development of a vaccine, a completely new product would therefore be in the process of being manufactured.

According to the latest information posted online by “Sud-Ouest”, ” the virus and its variants essentially pass through the nose to contaminate the body “. The idea is then to manufacture a nasal spray capable of blocking entry to the disease. “La Croix”, for its part, reports that clinical trials in humans should begin this fall. And this, in order to be put on the market from the end of the year 2023, beginning of the year 2024.

It is in particular the national research institute for agriculture, food and the environment (Inrae) as well as the University of Tours who had the idea of ​​developing this innovative project. The latter presented, this Thursday, January 20, the first conclusive results. This protein-based solution would therefore have the ability to block access to the virus and its variants. Questioned by our colleagues from Midi-Libre, Isabelle Dimier-Poisson, co-founder of the start-up LoValTech indicates that the spray ” will be able to elicit immunity regardless of the variants “. Unfortunately, you will have to be patient before you can use this revolutionary product. A few years of research are still necessary in order to develop it.

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