an anti-flu vaccination campaign to amplify the anti-Covid vaccination

ARS Pays de la Loire relies on the next flu vaccination campaign to pick up people over the age of 85 who are still not vaccinated against the Covid-19 epidemic.

“A potential reservoir for an epidemic rebound”

In this age group, much more fragile than the others, 36,000 inhabitants of the region are concerned according to the health authorities. Benoit James is the deputy director of the ARS: “This anti-flu campaign will allow us to increase the anti-Covid vaccination because we can do the double vaccination simultaneously. We will set up mobile units that will travel to homes or there will be appointments for a transport to a vaccination center. For those over 85, the risk of hospitalization is eight times greater than for people aged 40. These 36,000 people represent a potential reservoir for an epidemic rebound, with winter coming, and therefore with an impact on our care services “.

The flu vaccination campaign will start at the end of the month. A toll-free number will be made available to the public: 0800 730 957.

224 caregivers suspended in Pays de la Loire

In addition, according to the latest data from the ARS and the Rectorate, 55 classes are closed in the Pays de la Loire region. Regarding the vaccination of 12/17 year olds, 74% of them received the 2 doses. 70,000 middle and high school students have still not taken the step to be vaccinated. ARS announces that 94% of hospital staff are vaccinated. 224 caregivers are suspended.

Finally, note the health authorities, to date, 6 liberal health professionals, unfavorable to compulsory vaccination, decided on their own to stop their activity and therefore to self-suspend. Further official suspension notifications are expected.

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