An Apple employee was fired for leading an anti-harassment movement inside the company

An Apple employee revealed that the company dismissed her after she led a movement among her colleagues to announce cases of what she described as harassment and discrimination within the company.

Janic Parrish, Apple’s director of programs, said that the company informed her Thursday that it had been dismissed for deleting materials on the company’s devices, while it was under investigation regarding the leak of what took place during a meeting about the company’s activity, to the media. She told Reuters she denies the leak.

Parish told Reuters that she had deleted apps that included details of her financial resources and other personal information before handing over her devices to Apple.

She confirmed that she was fired because of her work activity.

She continued, “To me, this seems to be a clear retaliation for the fact that I have been speaking out about abuses that happen in my company, about pay inequality and, in general, about our working conditions.”

For its part, Apple made it clear that it does not discuss specific employee matters.

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