An artist leads the trend after appearing at the Cairo Film Festival… And the audience: Who is this? (photo)

Actress Hoda El-Etreby topped the social networking sites, due to her changing features, while attending the opening ceremony of the 44th session of the Cairo International Film Festival.

Social media pioneers circulated old photos of Hoda and compared them to her most recent appearance at the Cairo Film Festival.

The audience’s comments were many, including: “I don’t know why the brown Adam keeps sweet and his features are sweet and plays in his creation with this view and gives it to her”, “Who is this?

Many questions were raised, was what Hoda Al-Etrebi did overweight or did plastic surgery?

As a result, Dr. Ahmed Ashraf, a professor of plastic surgery, said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that what Hoda El-Etrebi did was not a plastic surgery or excess weight, and it was only a temporary and not permanent Botox injection.

The professor of plastic surgery said that Botox injections are done in the doctor’s clinic and are not classified as a cosmetic procedure, but rather a simple injection that takes from a quarter to half an hour, and expires after 6 months.

As he explained in his talk about the effect of Botox: “When its effectiveness is eliminated and its effect ends on the body, the face will return to normal again, and the negative effects of Botox will not appear strongly on it.”

Source: Masrawy

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