An Austrian bequeaths his entire fortune to the French people who protected him from the Nazis

The man has donated 2 million euros to the village of Chambon sur Lignon.

A man of Austrian origin, Eric Schwam, who died last December at the age of 90, decided bequeath his fortune to the French municipality where his Jewish family found refuge in 1943 fleeing the Nazis, local press reported on Friday.

Jean-Michel Eyraud, current mayor of Chambon sur Lignon, in the east of the country, indicated only that it is a significant amount, but his predecessor, Elianne Wauquiez-Motte, specified that the donor told him years ago his intention to bequeath about two million euros.

Eric Schwam had no children, according to the newspaper Sud Ouest, and He asked in his will that the money be used for education and youth.

This area where his family took refuge was distinguished during World War II (1939-1945) for its reception and rescue of some 2,500 Jews, a task that led to Israel in 1990 granting it the recognition of “Righteous Among the Nations” .


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