An Ecuadorian bought a drawing for a dollar in a market and 20 years later was surprised at its true value

Santiago Taute and his wife Delia hold the painting that Lee Hadwin painted in his sleep in Australia, but which for some strange reason appeared in Ecuador 20 years ago. Photo: The Mirror

An Ecuadorian man discovered that the drawing he bought for a dollar at a trinket market in his home country more than 20 years ago is now worth a staggering $ 14,000.

Santiago Taute is 39 years old and now lives in England. In 2001 he bought a painting a colorful A3-size work that he saw while walking through a market in Ecuador. That drawing was kept in a safe that was stored in his family in Spain when he moved permanently to the United Kingdom in 2013.

More than seven years passed and Santiago married Delia Taute, a 31-year-old British art enthusiast. Last year he moved in with her and recently had some belongings sent to her that her family still kept in Spain.

Among them was the painting, which he showed his wife. She, a recurring visitor to the galleries, thought that the work resembled the paintings of British artist Lee Hadwin, whom he had met at an exhibition a few years ago.

Lee, 46, born in Wales and now living in London, is a ‘dream artist’.

It has been done famous for painting incredible works while he sleeps, a rare condition that has earned him millions from his art.

The work called “Bólido” was bought for 1 dollar and today its value exceeds 14 thousand dollars. Photo: The Mirror.

Among the most notable paintings he has sold is a painting bought from him by former US President Donald Trump for around £ 100.00 ($ 138,000).

The artist has confirmed that the painting of Santiago is indeed one of his works, which is called “Bólido ”and he painted it during a time he lived in Australia in 2001. He says he has no idea how his painting ended up in South America and being sold at a local flea market.

The artist himself says that his painting today is worth between £ 8,000 and £ 10,000 (roughly $ 14,000).

Santiago said that the painting originally cost $ 5, but that he managed to haggle with the seller on Avenida Amazonas in Quito until he bought it for just one dollar. The colors in the drawing were the detail that attracted him to the painting, and today he feels very lucky to follow that instinct.

But he soon forgot the colorful drawing in a box hidden in a warehouse when he moved from Ecuador to Spain and finally the UK in 2013.

I was taking things out of the boxes and I found the painting, so I went to show it to my wife. She recognized the signature, checked the artist’s website, and has now confirmed that the drawing I bought for a dollar is one of hers and is worth thousands. We are very happy and shocked to discover this ”, tells about the lucky discovery.

Lee Hadwin is a British artist who creates incredible works of art but can only do so while sleepwalking.

Lee Hadwin is a British artist who creates incredible works of art but can only do so while sleepwalking.

Delia, who works in sales and has always been passionate about art and regularly attends exhibitions, recognized the style of drawing.

“I thought it looked pretty and colorful when Santiago first showed it to me, and then when I looked at it again when we were trying to figure out where to put it, I realized that it actually looked familiar. I saw the signature and thought I recognized it as that of an artist I met who draws during sleep. I went to their website and the signature was exactly the same ”, dijo a The Mirror.

After contacting the artist through his website, he received a call from Lee stating that he was 100% sure it was one of his paintings.

Now his drawing remains framed in a prominent place in the couple’s new home, who assures that he will keep it for a while as its value can only increase over the years. It also highlights that its history is incredible so it is worth keeping.

Lee Hadwin’s paintings are exceptional for the way they are painted, in the midst of a sleepwalking state of the artist who discovered his unusual talent of drawing figures, landscapes and portraits while he was sleeping as a teenager.

One of the incredible works that Lee Hadwin paints in his sleep.

One of the incredible works that Lee Hadwin paints in his sleep.

Without having artistic training Lee says he can’t replicate his art when conscious, but over the years his night work has become more detailed and in-depth.

His unlikely talent contrasts with the casually surrealist way in which one of his works ended up in the hands of an Ecuadorian who now lives in England.. A story worthy of a story as dreamy as the painting itself.


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