An Egyptian policeman from the rescue force searches for a body in the water… and he drowned!

An unfortunate incident occurred in Qalyubia Governorate, northern Egypt, today, Monday, as a policeman from the river rescue forces in Qanatir al-Khair drowned while searching for a body in the waters of al-Basousiya Canal.

In the details, the police secretary went down to the canal with the rescue unit, and while he was diving to search for the drowned body, he drowned without a criminal suspicion in the accident.

The search for the two bodies was carried out, and security efforts succeeded in recovering the body of the police secretary and the unknown body.

In addition, a report was issued regarding the incident, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation and authorized the burial of the body of the Police Secretary, while the Public Prosecution decided to transfer the second unidentified body to the Benha Teaching Hospital and delegated the forensic medicine to discuss it, collect fingerprints, conduct photography, and request investigations by the detectives about the incident and determine its circumstances.

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